Harel Information Technologies - Rising Star, Also of Fujitsu

Harel Information Technologies recently won the title of “Rising Star” Of Fujitsu to the EMEA region, in light of a meteoric rise in the volume of its business – with the Japanese giant, which is its senior partner, and in general. Following the win, Harel recently held a conference (virtual, of course), at which the two companies presented their fruitful partnership, which is reflected in the storage products and the diverse solutions they offer to the Israeli market.

Full cloud experience - how to run a full virtual data center within the organization

Working in Data Centers requires synchronization between all parts of the organization: communication, storage and servers. Unified infrastructure solutions that are being upgraded today, Provide a solution for all infrastructures and facilitate the day-to-day management and maintenance of information systems.

Even when technology seems to have peaked, and there seems to be nowhere to go from it – you can always take another step, improve another aspect, refine and strengthen the way another process works and the performance of another system. This is exactly the step taken in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

How to create the government of the future?

“Instead of large teams and multi-year projects, governments need to change attitudes – for the benefit of the citizen, through innovation and cloud-based tools,” said Casey Coleman, global vice president of government-public sector at Salesforce.

“Organizations that will not perform a digital transformation – will be left behind”.

Harel Information Technologies completes the Fujitsu Select Expert affiliate program

“Fujitsu is proud of its business partners in Israel and is pleased to appoint Harel Information Technologies as a Fujitsu Select Expert Partner,” said Raanan Bieber, Fujitsu Israel Director.

Commvault Hyperscale X: The Next Generation of Backup Infrastructure

The field of infrastructure is undergoing many changes during this period, and the field of information protection in particular. Organizations now understand that an information management system is required from one place across all existing layers, and that the platform they choose must prioritize the information – whether it is stored on the organization’s site, in the cloud or in multiple clouds (multi-cloud).