Effective computing solutions

for a ticking work environment

No matter what organization it is, the volume of information is increasing which makes it difficult to access the critical corporate applications. This is the reason why there is a fundamental need to optimize and upgrade existing systems and even sometimes to redesign them.

That's what we're here for - to enable our customers to optimize their computer systems without getting involved and without having to contact several service providers - all in one place.

With you from A to Z - and a little more

End-to-end support and service

We have no doubt that in order to implement a project in an optimal way, it is necessary to get to know it in depth, and to be accompanied through each and every one of the implementation stages. Therefore, our support begins as soon as the client wrote us "Hello" in the inquiry email - and ends up to 7 years after the project has been successfully implemented. That's how it is, there is no successful project without successful support.

Our Partners

Not only the customers - also our partners are an integral part of the success of the projects. 

המשפחה שלנו

אנחנו מאמינים שעובדים שאוהבים את מקום העבודה שלהם הם עובדים טובים. והם אוהבים לדבר בעד עצמם׃

At Harel we respect and value your time

among our clients

Why US?

Great question:

בהראל האנשים
עושים את ההבדל

היכרות מעמיקה עם 
צורכי הלקוח, אפיון 
והתאמה אישית של 
הפרויקט הנדרש

ליווי צמוד, תמיכה ושירות 
לאורך ביצוע הפרויקט כולו 
ועד 7 שנים לאחר שהוטמע 

ניסיון מוכח ומוצלח של 
33 שנים בתכנון, עיצוב 
והטמעת מערכות מידע

כשותפה המובילה של
היצרניות Lenovo, NetApp
ו-Fujitsu בישראל -
הראל היא אחת מספקיות
מערכות השרתים והאחסון
הגדולות בארץ

Ask them:

Our Customers

Our customers' time is at least as important to us as our own - not for nothing did one of them say, "Choosing Harel is choosing family"

Want to join the family?

An opportunity to work in a company where the people make the difference

רוצה להצטרף למשפחה?

הזדמנות לעבוד בחברה שבה האנשים עושים את ההבדל

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