Harel Information Technologies is one of the leading IT infrastructure providers in Israel. The company has a reputation and accumulated experience of over 30 years – in the age of “information” in which we are, customers often struggle with material questions regarding their IT infrastructure, and quite a few companies choose “Harel” thanks to this experience.

There are companies in the IT field that claim to provide services from many manufacturers and then supposedly their solution basket seems wide and comprehensive. Harel’s policy is completely different – we do not disperse too much, but concentrate on our areas of knowledge, technologies and infrastructure providers that we have chosen to provide with the solutions we offer.

Most of the solutions that Harel provides are end-to-end solutions TurnKey Projects – which include building a comprehensive package to customer satisfaction, with Harel’s full responsibility as a Single Point Of Contact.

Harel’s professional team includes 6 experts in the fields of technology, who are senior systems engineers, leaders in their field and responsible for building solutions for customers.

In addition, 12 PS experts with extensive training and experience, who are responsible for delivery to the customer. The team is led by two project managers at the highest level.

After the full delivery of the project, the customer is transferred to the day-to-day care of the service department, which employs many experienced technicians, who are responsible for providing any type of service required, including 24/7 service. For almost 15 years, Harel has been the main and largest supplier of the Israeli government and the national companies under it, in a variety of areas, from providing almost all personal computing, through providing all servers of all kinds (Rack and Blades) and most storage solutions.

The number of the company’s customers will be shortened here, we will only mention that they are spread across all industries in the Israeli economy, from government ministries, most academic institutions, almost the entire health services system, local authorities, financial institutions, companies in industry and high-tech, and more.

From the beginning, Harel was able to believe in her people first and she regretted the saying “people make a difference” – which explains why most of the company’s employees are veteran and experienced workers for over 10 years, and as one of our clients described it: “To choose Harel is to choose a family.”

Our Team

Our people make the difference

Holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University, a master’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Has worked for the company since 2001. He was appointed CEO of the company in 2012.

Yossi Zeiger - CEO

Holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from the College of Management. Master’s degree in accounting and financial management from the College of Management. Appointed the company’s CFO in 2011.

Yossi Beza – CFO

Was the CEO and owner of a computer company in the south for 20 years, and the company was acquired by Harel Technologies in 2002. He holds a diploma in banking and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Eli Barsheshet - Deputy CEO

Graduate in Economics and Business Administration from Ben Gurion University. He joined the company in 2014 and served in a variety of positions, including VP of Service and Integration at the company. Has many years of experience in senior management positions.

Avi Bigal - VP of Sales

With over 20 years of experience in the field of IT and enterprise computing. Holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and a master’s degree in business administration from Ben Gurion University. He joined the company in 2001.

Asher Vaknin - VP of Sales

Specializes in the worlds of virtualization, storage, backup, and HPC systems. Has worked for the company since 2010 in a variety of positions as a presale. Appointed Director of the Presale Department in 2018.

Avinoam Ziflavi - Director of the Pre-Sales Department

Geek of hasidism and technology for over 25 years. An expert at an international level in the worlds of IT infrastructure in the fields of storage, virtualization and business continuity. Leads its customers at a high level to properly address the challenges of the 21st century. In Harel since 2009.

Dudi Dvir - CTO

Holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Academic Center for Law and Business, and is a graduate of senior human resource management, studies at Bar Ilan University. Specializes in labor law, tender law and contract law, and has over 8 years experience In the field of human resources. Has been working for the company since 2012.

Moran Naveh - VP of Human Resources and Legal Coordinator - Tenders and Contracts

With a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Bar Ilan University. Has worked for the company since 2000 in a variety of positions. Appointed the company’s VP of service in 2012.

Mali Sevilla - VP of Service

With extensive experience in managing and operating warehouses and logistics, managing service departments, and multi-technician installations. Specializes in managing complex projects. Joined the company in 2003.

Ofer Zilber - warehouse manager

For Computing, Storage, Backup, Business Continuity, DRP and Datacenter Infrastructure. Has many years of experience working with client managements in project planning and management, while looking at the technical, business and budgetary side of the project. Joined the company in 2006.

Aviv Gan - Project Manager

Specialist in Computer and Microsoft Infrastructure. Has many years of experience working with client managements in project planning and management. Has been working at Harel since 2017

Sharona Ben David - Project Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer systems from Bar Gurion University. Established the first HPC system in IAI in 2000, and has since worked with the defense industries and academia in the field. He joined the company in 2020.

Alex Landsberg - Director of the HCI Department