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With Kali group, we implemented a backup solution as a service in the Metallic cloud for the backup of Salesforce CRM - the group which specializes in financial solutions for investments, completed the implementation of Commvault's Metallic data protection, backup and recovery for the CRM environment where all the marketing, sales and service processes of tens of thousands are managed Group customers.

At the Youth Hostels Association we implemented a NetApp data storage and security system - following an increase in the number of inquiries that reached the Youth Hostels Association in Israel - they contacted us to find a more effective and efficient data management solution. As part of understanding the client's needs, we realized that one of the challenges they faced was the preservation of the existing systems, while improving the storage capabilities and performance accordingly. That's why we chose to implement NetApp's HCI system for the client. In addition to the advanced capabilities, the system also offers analysis of findings and creation of forecasts for the future - so that the customer can take the right actions for his future vision.

We implemented a high-performance solution from NetApp in Phibro - as part of the project, a solution for data consolidation including servers, communication, storage and cloud infrastructure was implemented. Due to the project Phibro received the ability to preserve and manage the existing infrastructure on the site. The solution provides the client with freedom of action and flexibility in setting up a secondary backup site for the organization's information management.

With "Yashir" insurance, we worked on implementing infinidat storage - Harel implemented a solution that enables the storage of particularly large volumes. The software allows enterprise organizations to manage large volumes of information efficiently, with high performance, reliability and rapid growth. The technology provides a latency of less than a millisecond.