Integration is the way

What is a project?
Any solution that the customer defines as critical, and in light of its complexity, requires implementation by several parties.
We plan, execute and manage projects nationwide and internationally, in a wide variety of fields.

The process starts with getting to know each other

Who is the customer, what are his needs and what are the technical requirements on which the success of the project depends?
The characterization is done by Sizing tools from leading manufacturers (NetApp, VMware, Lenovo, Fujitsu), through the extensive experience we have gained in implementing thousands of different projects.

Joint implementation to achieve the goal

Close supervision from the moment of receiving the order until the complete completion of the project.
During the accompaniment, the project manager is a central point of contact (SPOC) and is responsible for the interaction with the client - while continuously communicating and adjusting the process to the client's satisfaction.

And here our paths do not part

We continue to be here for the client, to support and accompany him in the further development process that we have undertaken together.
We don't just say, but we mean it - "the people of Harel make the difference".

What do we offer?

Server Solutions

Using Lenovo and Fujitsu Harel is one of the largest server systems providers in Israel and is the leading partner of Lenovo and Fujitsu in this field.

Information Storage Solutions

Through NetApp and Infinidat, the huge increase in the volume of organizational information and the constant need for access to it, require smart solutions, which integrate into complex computing environments. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can handle your storage needs and is compatible with the business strategy in terms of performance and availability of critical enterprise applications. This is the place and time when Harel Information Technologies enters the picture. We will provide you with the technological tools that will help you as an organization meet the challenges facing your enterprise IT system. This is the qualitative advantage of Harel Information Technologies – which becomes your advantage. You get the best leading manufacturers and storage solutions in the world from one address – ‘Harel Information Technologies’.

HPC – High Performance Computing solutions

Based on Nvidia, Lenovo and Fujitsu, the growing demand for high-performance computing infrastructures is growing in a variety of changing scenarios and needs, which you as a customer are required to deal with. Whether it is for the benefit of research or for the benefit of improving business performance – we at Harel will know how to help you build the ideal solution, which combines high performance and cost-effective economic costs.

Technology-Based Backup and Business Continuity Solutions

From Commvault, Veeam and EnsureDr ,organizations are required to provide for the regulation / themselves DR solutions for their information systems. The organizational information system serves as a basis for the business continuity of the organization, and therefore it is customary to have a secondary system, which is required to be survivable and available in the event of a disaster / malfunction in the main system. Harel Information Technologies characterizes and adapts to each organization the BCP model tailored to its needs, depending on the type of information and the level of criticality, in order to implement a BCP model that is economically compatible with the customer, and provides an effective information recovery solution for the organization. This way the customer will access the relevant information and corporate applications remotely and at any given time, while maintaining the information and implementing the required regulatory requirements.

HCI Solutions – Hyper Converged Infrastructure Technology

Based by VMware (vSAN) and Nutanix, virtualization, communications, storage systems, management software and servers are the technologies that form the framework for the active infrastructure in the organization. The IT world has progressed in recent years to integrated systems, uniting the above technologies into one system. Harel Information Technologies is your direct address for this solution, which unites all our technological capabilities for you in one place.

Technology-Based Private Cloud Solutions

From VMware and Nutanix, virtualization and private cloud technologies make it possible to simplify and flex the organization’s infrastructure in the organization. The combination of cloud virtualization and management solutions helps the customer run their applications on a strong infrastructure and save downtime, associated costs and management overheads. Customers can reduce the complexity and load on physical equipment and support business applications with simplicity through virtualization and cloud technologies. The move will also help save on cooling costs, energy and floor space and is green for the environment. Business Continuity – Virtualization and management solutions help reduce the loss of valuable time in day-to-day operations and disasters, through strong recovery mechanisms including: continuous and regular backup and rapid migration. Harel Information Technologies is a pioneer as a marketer and integrator in Israel in the field of virtualization and the private cloud and has extensive practical experience with the largest customers in the economy in all recognized sectors – government, security, financial, academic and more.

Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

Based on technology from VMware and Microsoft.
The need for hybrid work capacity requires changes and the adoption of innovative technologies and work concepts.
We at Harel will help you bring the employee to maximum productivity from anywhere.

Edge Computing Solutions (stations / laptops, etc.)

Using Lenovo and Fujitsu manufacturers, we at Harel are proud to provide our customers with the most extensive portfolio of end equipment solutions for the changing work environments, no matter what challenge or requirement you as a customer are required to face in these worlds, we at Harel will assist you in the most perfect way.

Rigid Computer Solutions

We offer a wide variety of rugged tablets and laptops for a variety of needs that withstand harsh conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures (0~63 0-29) and wet or dusty conditions.
The computers meet the strictest international standards such as - SOLT & FOG, ATEX, Mil-STD 461G, IP67, Mil-STD 810H.

Professional Services

Infrastructure and backup solutions, virtualization and related products, storage systems, server systems, open systems - infrastructure and software, cloud systems.